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The 2020 Santa Parade

Santa Clause is coming to town

Courtesy of the Blackstone Parks and Recreation Commission and the Blackstone Fire Department, Santa Claus is coming to town on December 19! 

View the route below to see if he’ll be driving by your home in a fire truck. The Santa Parade starts at 1PM.

Where is Santa?

Update: We are currently having issues tracking Santa. Apologies. Please follow the route list instead.

We are updating the route list below. Bold and italicized streets have been passed.

Please DO NOT call the Fire Department for Santa’s location. Follow Santa on the map above on December 19.

Santa’s 2020 Route

Beginning from the Santa’s local Headquarters: The Blackstone Fire Department (Saint Paul Street Station)

  • Left onto Main Street to County Street
  • Left onto County Street to Carrington Street
  • Right onto Carrington Street returning to Main Street
  • Right onto Main Street to Austin Street
  • Left onto Austin Street to Reilly Avenue
  • Left onto Reilly Avenue to Mendon Street
  • Right onto Mendon Street to Crestwood¬†
  • Right onto Crestwood to Liberty Hill Avenue
  • Right onto Liberty Hill Avenue to Milk Street
  • Left onto Milk Street to Handy Road
  • Travel to 5 Corners and straight across to Handy Road to Carol Lane
  • Left onto Carol Lane following to Elm Street.
  • Right onto Elm Street to Summer Street
  • Right onto Summer Street to Farm Street
  • Right onto Farm Street returning to five corners. To Blackstone Street
  • Sharp Left to Blackstone Street to Summer Street
  • Right onto Summer Street towards the Schools to Residential Lane
  • Right onto Residential Lane and make the loop around back to Lincoln Street
  • Right onto Lincoln Street to Mendon Street
  • Left onto Mendon Street back to Main Street
  • Left onto Main Street to Federal Street
  • Left onto Federal to Rocco Drive
  • Right onto Rocco Drive and make the loop around back onto Federal Street
  • Right onto Federal Street to Summer Street
  • Right onto Summer Street to Farm Street
  • Right onto Farm Street to Glenside Drive (New Entrance near Pickering Road)¬†
    • Making the loop around Glenside Drive to Park Street.
  • Left onto Park Street to Gaskill Street
  • Follow Gaskill Street to Harris Avenue
  • Left onto Harris Avenue back to Main Street
  • Follow Main Street to Blackstone Street
  • Right onto Blackstone Street to Summer Street
  • Right onto Summer Street to Elm Street
  • Right onto Elm Street to Route 126 in Bellingham¬†
  • Right at the lights on 126 to Mann Street Bellingham (Across from Cartier Funeral Home)
  • Left onto Mann Street to Rathbun Street
  • Left onto Rathbun Street to Champlain Avenue
  • Right onto Champlain Avenue to Edgewater
  • Left onto Edgewater Drive to make the loop around to Carter Avenue
  • Right onto Carter Avenue to Rathbun Street
  • Right onto Rathbun Street

END OF ROUTE: Returning to Santa’s Headquarters

UPDATE as of December 11

We received an update on December 11 that Santa is going to be joined by the Grinch. ADC Septic will be following the Santa around town with The Grinch on their trucks!

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