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Blackstone Town Elections: What you need to know

The annual 2021 Blackstone Town Election is a few days away, Monday in fact. Here are important things you need to know.

Voting Day

Monday, April 5, 2021

7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Voting by Mail

The last day to request a Vote by Mail Ballot was Tuesday, March 30, 2021. If you didn’t get to request by this day, you can not Vote by Mail. If you were able to request, the deadline to return the Vote by Mail Ballot is on Monday, April 5, 2021 by 8PM. Vote by Mail Ballots must be returned to the Drop Box or to the Town Clerk’s office.

Where to go

In-person voting on Monday for the 2021 Annual Blackstone Town Election will take place at each Blackstone precinct from 7:00AM to 8:00PM.

You can also look up your street on the list below to find your precinct.

When it comes to safety, voters and election workers will be encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing at the polls.

Precinct 1: Senior Center (lower level) Town Hall

15 St. Paul Street

Precinct 2: St. Theresa’s Church (parish hall)

630 Rathbun Street

Precinct 3: Main Meeting Room (upper level) Town Hall

15 St. Paul Street

Voting in Person: What to Know and What to bring

Please DO NOT go to the POLLS if you have COVID-19, are feeling sick, or waiting for COVID-19 test results. Please call the Town Clerk’s Office at (508)-883-1500 Ext. 116 for voting options from.

 •  Wear a Face Covering – Per Governor Baker’s Order, face coverings will be required to enter or use any City facilities.
 •  Voters can bring their own pen
– Blue or Black ink – Sharpie or Paper Mate Flair recommended (machines will not read red ink/highlighters; pencil/crayons cause issues with tabulator breakdowns).
• Bring an ID –  You may be asked to show identification when you check-in at your polling place for any of the following reasons: You are an inactive voter, the poll worker has a reasonable suspicion that leads them to request identification among other things listed here.

Acceptable identification must include your name and the address at which you are registered to vote. Examples of acceptable identification include: a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, recent utility bill, rent receipt, lease, a copy of a voter registration affidavit, or any other printed identification which contains the voter’s name and address. View more information about identification requirements here

Voters without ID: If you’re a first-time voter who is unable to present ID when you check in, you may vote a provisional ballot and return with acceptable ID by close of polls. If you’re asked for ID for any other reason, and are not able to present ID in such a situation, you must still be permitted to vote; however, your ballot must be challenged. Your ballot will be cast normally, and will only be re-examined in the case of a recount, court order, or audit.

  • Don’t touch your face
  • Maintain Social Distancing – keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others
  • Keep your ballot dry and free from hand sanitizers – Do not use hand sanitizer while handling your ballot and be sure your voting booth is dry as it will cause issues for the ballot tabulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know if I am registered to vote. Where can I check this?

You can check your registration status online, you can also call the Town Clerk to make sure!

I am not registered to vote. Can I register on Election Day?

No. Massachusetts does not offer registration on Election Day.

Who’s running in the Town Elections?

There are several people running in the town elections. Below is the specimen ballot posted by the Town Clerk on the Town website.

We put together a list of candidates that turned in their nomination papers and contact details if you have any questions about their platforms and beliefs.

There’s two positions that do not have candidates that turned in nomination papers. You can put in your write-in candidate for this role.

  • BMR District School Committee, Unexpired 4-year term to expire on Annual Town Election 2022: One member (Blackstone Representative)
  • Parks & Recreation Commission, unexpired 3-year term to expire on Annual Town Election 2023: One member

What is a write-in candidate?

A write-in candidate is a candidate whose name does not appear on the ballot but seeks election by asking voters to cast a vote for the candidate by physically writing in the person’s name on the ballot.

Your Vote Matters

As a resident in the town of Blackstone, please go out and vote. Your vote counts, even in a town election. The elected officials have an impact on taxes we pay, town budgets worth millions, and our way of life. We encourage you to get to know the candidates – contact them if you have any questions – and go out on Monday to vote.

If you have questions about Election Day, contact the Town Clerk at (508) 883-1500 ext. 116.

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