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BOS candidate Ryan Barry declares goals if elected

The Blackstone 2021 Annual Town Elections is coming up and Blackstone Facebook community groups have been buzzing with questions about candidates and their platforms. On March 11, Ryan Barry posted on Facebook groups his goals if elected.

To My Fellow Residents of Blackstone:

I Ryan J Barry would like to formally announce my intention of running for selectman for the town of Blackstone., I believe this town undeniably needs and deserves a change in leadership for our town to benefit and flourish.

My family and I decided we wanted to establish roots in a small town that is provides a sense a community and has potential for positive change and growth. We wanted a town where our young children could grow up and develop lifelong friendships. A town where they could receive a great education to establish for a great future. A town full of hard-working people just like we are who care about one another and care about where they live and are from. For those reasons we choose that Blackstone is where we needed to be.

Our town deserves a leader who puts the town and its residents first; someone who does not have their own political agenda. A leader who will listen to what the residents say, and a leader who will take action and follow through with what they say they are going to do. Our town needs a youthful take charge leader who can help take Blackstone into the future. A leader who will not use fear or intimidation to persuade residents. Most importantly a leader who will have full transparency about what is happening within the town.

A Vote for me comes with the promise to always put the town and its residents first and foremost; and to restore the faith in town leadership.

My goals if elected is to:

  • Sit down and meet with every department in town hall as well as all boards and committees to go over their budgets and find out where and how we can cut down operational cost. Only then can we find the areas that funding is truly needed and appropriate. In doing so we can also find and bring more commerce into town.
  • Meet with our local school leaders and find ways and means to improve our schools. As I have stated above I have young children that go to school here , so I have a very vested interest in my children’s education and future.
  • Our town is out dated in regards to how we send out and receive information to our community. I plan on improving our technology by implementing systems to be able to disperse information and clearly and quickly. Communication plays key role in everyday life and the more we communicate to and with our residence the better off we all are.
  • I understand there are many more issues in our town that need to be addressed and resolved; and if I am elected I plan to work alongside the other selectman to put plans into action and ensure that we are monitoring and making ongoing changes for the betterment of the community.

In closing I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of me and my efforts in helping to bring change to Blackstone. If elected my goals will not veer from what I have stated. I am a man of my word and will continue fighting to make Blackstone a truly better community for all.

As posted by Ryan Barry on Facebook Community Groups

To get in touch with Blackstone Board of Selectman Ryan Barry, you can contact him online via Facebook, give him a call at 774-262-5029 or email him at ryanbarry81984@yahoo.com

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