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The 1st Annual Easter EGGS-travaganza in Blackstone

Fresh from last year’s first annual Christmas Bling Up Blackstone successful contest (over 70 homes participated!), the Blackstone Parks & Recreation Committee is bringing another activity to town. The Blackstone Parks & Recreation just announced a town-wide Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!

Starting on March 22 there will be Easter Eggs “hidden” at homes and businesses all around Blackstone.  People will have until April 4 to find all the eggs and vote for their favorites.

With the help of Daniel Keefe, Tim Eldridge, Mark Perry, and Michael Walsh – the Blackstone Parks & Recreation Committee got all their wooden eggs ready and cut in time for distribution this weekend.

Here’s how it works:

Interested residents and businesses will get a large plywood egg from Parks and Recreation. They will take it home, decorate it, and place it in their yard or business where people can take a picture with Egg hunters will drive around Blackstone finding the eggs and taking pictures with as many as they can find.

Winners will be selected for the best decorated Egg/Display and the person/people that find the most eggs and take pictures with them.

Some important notes about this event:

  • Leave the eggs where they are.
  • Be respectful of the Egg “Host” property
  • Have an EGG-stremely EGG-Cellent Time!

Egg Host or an Egg Hunter?

You can register to be an Egg Host or an Egg Hunter, or be both!

How to be an Egg Host

If you want to host an egg at your home or your business, the Blackstone Parks & Recreation Committee will provide the wooden egg. All you need to do is pick it up!

Where to pick up an Egg?

You can pick up an egg for the Easter EGGS-travaganza this weekend at Roosevelt Park. Tomorrow, March 14, the Blackstone Parks & Recreation Committee will be back at Roosevelt Park between 1PM to 2PM to pass some eggs along . If you’re not available, contact Blackstone Parks and Recreation to schedule a pick up!

What do I do with an Egg?

You can decorate the egg anyway you like! Once decorated, place the egg in your yard or business somewhere people can get to it to take a picture. You can use other decorations to create a display or just hide the egg. You have until March 21 to decorate your egg and “hide” it.

How will people find the Egg display?

Your address will be on a map for Egg Hunters to find your egg between March 22 until April 4.

Can I keep my decorated Egg?

Of course! You’re welcome to keep your egg but if you don’t want it after the event, we will have a date and time to return them so we can use them for next year.

I want to be an Egg Hunter? What do I do?

The Blackstone Parks & Recreation Committee will put together all the Egg Hosts addresses. We will create an online map at www.smalltownpost.com and will share it once it is available!

Once you have the Egg Map, grab your camera or your phone and go hunting.

Once you find an egg, take a picture with it!

Fill out the sheet with your photos throughout the week. On April 4th, send your photos to BlackstonePandR@yahoo.com

Go crazy and decorate with the Eggs and go out there and find as many eggs as you can! We will have winners who will get bragging rights and special trophies. Plus, the Roast House donated FOUR Gift certificates for the contest. For updates, follow the Blackstone Parks and Recreation Facebook page.

Are you excited? Participate any way you like. Get a wooden egg now and start decorating!

If you have questions on where to get an egg or how to participate, contact the Blackstone Parks & Recreation Committee on Facebook or email blackstonepandr@yahoo.com.

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