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Buds N Roses now open in Blackstone

Buds N Roses is the second recreational cannabis shop that opened in Blackstone. The Blackstone community has been waiting for this for months as Buds N Roses actively posted content on social media. Today, March 12, Buds N Roses finally had their grand opening.

State Representative Mike Soter and Blackstone Selectman Daniel Keefe cut the ribbon signaling the grand opening of Buds N Roses.

Photo taken from State Representative Mike Soter’s Facebook Page

Buds N Roses is owned by the same owner of Family Grocer across the street, Gurpreet Kalra. One of the first to propose opening a cannabis shop in town, Buds N Roses finally received its license from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission on February 11, a day before Blackstone’s first cannabis shop opened.

Contribution to the town of Blackstone

All cannabis shops in Blackstone has a host community agreement and an impact fee. What this means is that Buds N Roses pays 5% to the town of Blackstone – 3% community impact fee and 2% gross sales. The 5% collected is dedicated to Blackstone’s infrastructure and public safety improvements in the surrounding neighborhood of Buds N Roses.

Where is Buds N Roses?

Hours of Operation

9AM to 9PM

IMPORTANT NOTE: Walk-ins are allowed. For the curbside pickup, orders must be placed through the Buds N Roses website prior to arrival. Curbside parking will not be available for guests who have not ordered ahead.

*Update: We initially wrote that all orders must be placed on the website prior to arrival. This is only for curbside pickup. Originally, the BNR website states All orders must be placed through our website prior to your arrival. We will not have parking available for guests who have not ordered ahead. But per confirmation of Gurpreet Singh on Facebook and Charles LeBlank on Facebook messgenger, walk-ins are welcome and you only need a valid ID confirming you’re over 21yo. The BNR website is undergoing some updates as of this writing and may not reflect the right information, 2:45PM on March 14, 2021. If you have questions, contact Buds N Roses directly.

Available Products

Buds N Roses has a variety of products with over 70 products shown online from edibles to vape carts to flowers. Curbside orders must be done online.

Sample products shown on the Buds N Roses website
Sample products shown on the Buds N Roses website

You can order the products online and choose either a curbside or a store pickup. Payments are not accepted online and are only available at the store.

Buds N Rroses accepts cash, debit, and credit card with pin numbers. ATM facility is available at the store.

Requirements at Buds N Roses

If you want to visit Buds N Roses, be aware of the following guidelines:

  • You must be 21 years old and above, including passengers that are in the vehicle during curbside pickup.
  • You must show a state-issued identification (driver’s license, passport, state ID, etc.)

Methods of Payment

Buds N Roses accepts cash and debit. Preference to Debit. Credit cards are accepted but only with PIN use.

Debit Payment – Curbside

  • All individuals in the vehicle must be 21+
  • Please park facing the building (this is a requirement of the CCC).
  • No individual will be permitted to leave your vehicle.
  • Orders will be paid for at the time of your curbside arrival. A BNR team member will greet you at your vehicle to complete your transaction!
  • All debit transaction totals will be rounded up to the nearest $5.
  • For curbside pickup, you have to pay with a debit card.

Cash – Pickup

You will be directed by a greeter/signage to park in a specified area of our parking lot upon arrival. You will then head into our dispensary entrance to pickup your order and complete payment.

Only the purchaser who placed an order online will be permitted to enter the dispensary. We will be queuing customers into our vestibules in accordance with social distancing and other COVID-19 protocol.

If paying with both cash and debit, you will be asked to follow the procedure for cash payments.

Got questions? Contact Buds N Roses directly

Email: info@budsnroses.us
Phone: (508)-928-1741
DM Us On Instagram: budsnroses.us
Like us on Facebook: Buds N Roses
Follow us on Twitter: @BudsNRoses1

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