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BOS candidates Chamberland and Polak organize Town Hall

Announced last week in the Blackstone Community Forum Facebook group, two Board of Selectman candidates have teamed up to organize a virtual Town Hall to answer questions from the public. Hosted by Blackstone Community Forum admin Kate Donovan, the virtual forum will be on Zoom and anyone can send in questions that will be answered by Ryan Chamberland and Tanya Polak. If you’re unable to attend, you can still send in your questions and watch the zoom call later on as a recorded video will be posted by the host, Kate Donovan, as well.

Who will be at the virtual town hall?

Tanya Polak is running for the Blackstone Board of Selectman one year term. Ryan Chamberland is running for the Board of Selectman 3 year term. Both Selectman candidates will answer questions and present their platforms and their plans.


March 10, Wednesday

Starts at 7:00 PM EST

How to join

The virtual town hall will be hosted on Zoom and it is accessible on any PC, Mac, Linus, iOS, or Android. You can also call with your mobile device or landline.

You can register to the virtual town hall online.

Can’s access the Zoom app?

You can still join the virtual town hall by calling.

How to send in questions

You can send your questions ahead of time to ensure they’re asked at the virtual town hall.

Email your questions to: donokath@gmail.com

How is this different from the Candidate Night?

The Candidate Night is organized by The John Eldridge Show. There is a format to be followed – candidates can ask the other candidates questions. All four Selectman candidates were invited to the Candidate Night. This virtual town hall is organized by the two candidates: Ryan Chamberland and Tanya Polak. Residents will have an opportunity to ask the candidates questions.

If you’re craving for change, this is the time to get to know Blackstone’s candidates! Join the virtual town hall to get to know Ryan Chamberland and Tanya Polak. The two other candidates for Selectman do not have an organized town hall yet but you can get to know Selectman Dan Keefe, running for re-election (3-year term), by meeting him in Betty’s Donuts every Sunday from 10AM to 12NN where he talks to residents and answer any questions. You can get in touch with Ryan Barry, running for the vacated Selectman seat (term ends in 2022), online.

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