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Town Elections

Selectman Candidate Night on March 22

John Eldridge is bringing back his show The John Eldridge Show to host the Candidate Night on March 22, Monday. Originally announced to happen on Monday, March 8, the Candidate Night was moved to March 22 due to moderators having come into contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19. Selectman candidates vying for the 3-year term and the term vacated by former Selectman Taylor Greene were sent invites to be on The John Eldridge Show.

For those that haven’t been around town that long, The John Eldridge Show began as a local community program on television in the late 1990s. John Eldridge, former town selectman himself, is known for discussing highly debated topics as well as making pointed interview questions to community and business leaders. John Eldridge will be hosting the show with Jeff Gamache, radio host from WNRI.

With how the past year has been going – COVID-19, investigations, town complaints, recalls…. we think the Candidate Night will certainly be an interesting night. The Blackstone community is certainly going to be watching to find out more about Selectman candidates vying for leadership roles in the town. Last year, Mary Bulso and Robert Kluchevitz participated in the forum while Margo Bik and Gerald Rivet (who were both seeking re-election at the time) were unable to attend. Bulso and Kluchevitz both secured seats and are current Selectmen in Blackstone. The town of Blackstone may be a quiet town but the community certainly listens and tries to participate – this coming election is certainly one to watch.

Last year’s The John Eldridge Show Candidate Night forum:

The 2021 Selectman Candidates

Ryan Chamberland, a former Selectman himself, is running against Dan Keefe, current selectman seeking re-election. Both candidates are after the 3-year term.

Ryan Barry and Tanya Polak are running against each other for the recently vacated Selectman seat. Ryan Barry’s popularity in local community forums came about last year when he collected signatures for a recall against current Board of Selectman chair Bob Dubois. Tanya Polak has been active on local community forums in the past year as well, initially showing interest to serve on the School Committee. Both candidates have seen the need for change in the town and decided to try for the vacated Selectman seat that ends next year 2022.

The Format

Each candidate will have 2 minutes for opening statements

Candidates will have the opportunity to ask opponent 2 questions

Each candidate will have 3 minutes for closing remarks

When and Where to Watch

When: March, 22, 2021, Monday


  • 5:45PM – 7:15PM: Ryan Barry and Tanya Polak
  • 7:30PM – 9:00PM: Ryan Chamberland and Daniel Keefe

Where to Watch: Local cable channel 8 or stream online

Are you excited? Who are you supporting? Let us know in the comments!

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