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Daniel Keefe for Selectman

Fellow Residents,

My name is Daniel Keefe and I am seeking re-election to the Board of Selectman. I have been on the BOS for the past six years and was a water/sewer commissioner prior to that. I am also a member of the Capital outlay committee as well as a member of 2 BMR regional agreement committees and a former Blackstone regional waste water representative. I also have the privilege of being the Chairman of the board of directors of the Blackstone Valley Boys & Girls Club.I ask that you consider allowing me to continue to represent the interests of our community. As your public servant I have worked to generate revenue for our community through cannabis dispensaries, solar farms, power plant negotiations as well as attracting and assisting small businesses in town. I would like to continue to work with the the AG’s office and our Collector/Treasurer bringing abandoned properties back to our tax rolls.

I ask that you allow me to continue to build on a strong relationship that I have built with our school district for the fair and equitable educational value for our students and taxpayers alike. I will continue to respect and support our veterans and fight for proper representation. Our seniors will continue to be appreciated for their life long contributions to our community. I will continue to work on bridging the gap between our life long residents and our new residents.

It has been an honor serving my community for the last six years. I humbly ask that you consider extending my service on April 5, 2021.Thank you,Daniel P. Keefe Selectman Keeping Blackstone Fair and Equitable for All!

Posted by Daniel Keefe on Facebook groups: Blackstone Community Forum and Blackstone’s Much Better Community Forum

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