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Do you remember: What’s Cooking in Blackstone?

A couple of years ago Blackstone residents and lifelong friends Margo Bik and Lynn Morin cooked up a local cooking show called What’s Cooking in Blackstone. We stumbled on the videos on YouTube and unfortunately it looks like the last uploaded video was a year ago.

The program was filmed by local videographer Paul Jacobs once a month at Margo’s home, and is aired on public access several times throughout the day on a Wednesday. What’s Cooking in Blackstone doesn’t seem to be on now but it looked like it was a pretty good show and let me tell you why.

It was homey

The format was very down to earth and would make you feel that you were welcomed into Margo and Lynn’s home.  Both Margo and Lynn were casual and inviting, the guest cooks were friendly and knowledgeable. They shared their cooking tips and their own recipes.

You get to know neighbors and the town

Given that Margo and Lynn have lived in Blackstone for a long time, you get little nuggets of wisdom here and there about Blackstone. They also showcase food from local chefs and restaurants so it feels like you’re really connecting with locals.

Some videos to watch

We are linking to some of What’s Cooking in Blackstone‘s most-watched videos on YouTube below.

There are 43 episodes uploaded on YouTube so if you haven’t seen any episodes you would be binge-watching What’s Cooking in Blackstone for a while. After a year of not seeing a lot of people, it feels good to see real people in Blackstone without the drama and bickering happening online. Give it a try. It’ll remind you of being in your mother’s kitchen and will definitely make you feel at home.

Do you want to see new episodes? Who knows – maybe Margo and Lynn will get the show running again. Here’s to hoping!

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