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The Good Kids on Bazeley Ave

On a Millville community forum online we started seeing gratitude posts about the Bazeley Boyz and we were curious. We reached out to Kristy Leigh to find out more.

It all started with a club house that was being built by the community on Bazeley Ave last Spring. Everyone came together to pitch in materials and sweat.

One day, someone had trashed it and left the kids brokenhearted. Without missing a beat, the community came together again to rebuild the club house – kids and parents – working alongside each other to put the club house together again. When the club house was back up, they put up a sign… BAZELEY BOYZ.

Not fully done yet but definitely a kid’s haven

Helping neighbors for free

Last weekend when it started to snow Kristy’s boyfriend Curtis Beaulieu went to help an elderly neighbor to shovel her out. Her foster son Trenton went with Curtis and as the kids started to gather to go sledding – the Bazeley Boyz decided to help from there. Two other Bazeley Boyz thought it was a nice gesture and decided to go around the neighborhood shoveling out other neighbors as well. A few days later, more snow came and 2 more Bazeley Boyz showed up and they went around the neighborhood shoveling driveways and paths. All these effort the Bazeley Boyz did for FREE. Some neighbors offered to give the kids some tips but payment is not required.

Good kids gathering and helping the community got some traction on the Millville community pages online with requests for help and offers to pay. The Bazeley Boyz even started shoveling and helping out neighbors that are not walking distance from their homes – Kristy drives them when possible. Despite the popularity and as more requests come in, the Bazeley Boyz are continue to offer Ice & Snow Removal free of charge to anyone in the neighborhood.

Flyers will be put up on the local store and will be passed around soon. If you need help, reach out to Kristy. The Bazeley Boyz will be out there to help – and soon, you’ll start spotting them in their work hoodies!

Who are the Bazeley Boyz?

The Bazeley Boyz consist of 5 boys and 1 girl.

Trenton is turning 11 this month

Cole is 14

Even is 12

Garrett is 11

JC is 12

Lily is 11

These kids in Bazeley Ave in the town of Millville are amazing. Their parents and guardians must be proud. We commend everyone as we know it takes a village to raise a child… the folks in Bazeley Ave seem to be on the right path. Keep up the good work!

For those that need help in snow and ice removal in Millville, contact Kristy at (508) 266-1518 to schedule an appointment.

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