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Crave Mead in Blackstone

In a quiet, unassuming location in Blackstone, local business Crave Mead makes a 4,000 year old product by turning honey into mead. We wanted to know more and sent Rachel Humphries, one of the owners behind Crave Mead, some questions. 

How did Crave Mead start?

With a passion for brewing beer, Sean Humphries started Crave Mead in 2014 with a business partner.  In June 2015, Crave Mead opened its doors in Blackstone.

It’s a small family-run business now. Despite the challenges of separation with then-husband Sean, Rachel Humphries, takes on the daily work and leads the distribution and social aspect of the business. 

Why Blackstone?

While Sean and his previous partner were looking for various buildings and locations Rachel happened to see 7 Main St. was available for rent when she took their dog to Animal Arts, the groomer right next door. It was a great location and just the right space to start Crave. The Blackstone location is where they create their meads and stock them.

Crave Mead in Blackstone; Photo from Facebook

Crave have always offered tastings and was supported by Groupon until Covid-19. When Covid-19 shut down regular Crave Mead operations in February last year (Mead is not considered an essential alcohol), the distribution also became challenging since they self-distribute.  However, with guidelines in place, Crave Mead decided to remain open and participated in the Attleboro Farmers Market in the months that followed. Crave was down to five flavors in May and by October they were back again to 10 flavors with wonderful supporters.  

Crave Mead offerings

In June of last year, Crave Mead started their first virtual tasting.  Tasting Kits were made available via Groupon as well as available for purchase and pick up at Crave Mead on Main St.

Crave Mead’s ingredients are locally sourced to give customers seasonal flavors that are unique to the New England region. All meads are gluten free and handcrafted to ensure the highest quality of mead.

Mead Flavors

Flavors available 9-12 months/yearSeasonal Flavors
Apple CobblerCranberry Orange
Pomegranate Sour CherryStrawberry

Specialties: Barrel Aged Mead and Creme Brûlée Mead

Tasting Kits

The tasting kits offer 4 of Crave Mead’s best selling flavors (Dry, Apple Cobbler, Pomegranate Sour Cherry, and Blackcurrant), 4 tasting glasses, a pairing sheet, and a link to a pre-recorded virtual tasting. Its great for date night, relaxing, or virtually doing tasting with friends and family, even in separate locations. Have a girls’ night and send them to your friends!

Photo from Facebook

Gum-Mead Candy

Gum-Mead Candy is available! Each candy is a different shape and the packaging describes the shape and color of the mead. These are non-alcoholic and subtle in flavor but help during a time when Crave Mead is unable to have tastings. 

Best Sellers

The best selling mead is the Dry Mead because its the base for all other meads. Blackcurrant and Apple Cobbler are a close second. Seasonally, strawberry and blueberry mead are sought after.

Best way to purchase mead from Crave Mead

Make an appointment at your convenience for pick up in town! Rachel can be reached by phone or text at (401) 692-9245, messages are normally returned in 1 business day.

Crave Mead sells all of their flavors in 750 mL bottles and their best sellers: Dry, Apple Cobbler, Blackcurrant, Pomegranate Sour Cherry, and Crème Brûlée are also available in 350 mL bottles. 

Good news for Blackstone residents: Crave Mead is available at Thrifty Discount Liquors on Main St.!

What about shipping?

Crave Mead is able to ship through Facebook. If a flavor you like is not listed, contact Rachel to add the flavor, it may take 24-48 hours to show up on Facebook.

Support local!

Crave Mead has been one of the active local businesses in the area prior to Covid-19 restrictions. Covid-19 has made it difficult to remain open but Crave Mead have supported over 100 fundraisers/year in the past and want to continue to do so in the future. We encourage everyone to try Crave Mead – we personally love creating our own cocktails and drinks with their meads, we’re sure you’ll love them too!

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