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Keri Gaudette for School Committee

It is with great pride that I announce my candidacy for the 4 year term of a Blackstone representative on the Blackstone Millville Regional School Committee. The BMR District is one that holds a special place in my life. Not only was I born and raised here, but my husband and I are both graduates of BMR. When our oldest child was school-aged, we made the choice to move back to Blackstone so that our children would be educated in this school system as well. I am the proud parent of a sophomore at Blackstone Millville Regional, a 7th grader at Hartnett Middle School and a 3rd grader at the JFK/AFM Complex. Having a child in each of the levels of our school system allows me to bring a unique perspective to the committee.

I hold both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in elementary education. Previously, I taught 5th grade in a nearby school district. I understand the work that goes on in a classroom. I understand how crucial it is to provide the best education we can to our students and how that work begins in preschool and continues until graduation day and beyond. After staying home to care for my children for several years, I am now an owner in a company that provides Work-Zone Safety Technicians to construction sites. As a business owner, I understand budgetary constraints along with managing that budget and maximizing what can come from it. In today’s current economic climate, I am aware of the budget limitations each family faces and the difficulty with rising taxes.

This past August I was appointed to an open seat on the Blackstone Millville Regional School Committee. For the past several months I have seen the hard work and dedication that goes on within the committee. I have spent time learning exactly what our students will need as we return back to school in a post-Covid climate. As a committee, we are currently working on the school budget where we are making it a priority to provide staffing and programming to aid in the recovery of all that our students lost this year. This deeper look into the budget has allowed me to further see the greatness of what we have here along with what we need. I ask for your vote so that I can continue to work with the committee to make the Blackstone Millville Regional School District the district that families choose for their children and continue to choose all the way through to graduation.

I am ready to dive in to this 4 year term, ready to help make decisions that not only will effect all of the children in town but that effect my own children as well. These decisions also effect each and every taxpayer. We need to continue to prioritize the needs of students and to work on keeping students within the district so that each dollar spent is spent in the best way possible.

To anyone who knows me, my children are my greatest source of pride. We are actively involved in extracurricular activities and sports. I have volunteered at many school events and within numerous classrooms. I also volunteer with local youth sports leagues. I volunteer to make the experience a better one. I am asking for your support and your vote on Election Day so that I can work to make the experience of every child throughout the Blackstone Millville Regional School District the best it can possibly be.

Posted by Keri Greene Gaudette  on Facebook

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