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Lock your car doors

In the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing reports regarding cars being broken into in nearby communities including Woonsocket and Bellingham. Recently, the Millville Massachusetts Police Department posted about several vehicle break-ins on Main Street and Chestnut Hill Road in Millville.

We urge everyone to take out any valuables such as purses, wallets, money, cellphones, etc. in your car and to lock your car including securing recreational and farm vehicles.  

If you see any suspicious activity, call your local police department.

Preventing Car Break-ins

Car break-ins happen all too often but here are some simple steps you can take to minimize risks of becoming a victim of car break and theft. Below are some tips to make your vehicle more secure.

Lock your doors, windows, and sunroofs

The majority of car break-ins reported involve cars parked in the owners’ driveways that are unlocked. No matter where you park (i.e. home, gym, coffee shop, store, or gas station), ALWAYS LOCK your DOORS. This type of theft is usually a crime of opportunity.

Remove all valuables from sight

GPS units, iPods, phones, laptops, and case are tempting invitations for your car to be broken into. Sometimes even empty shopping bags or boxes entice thieves to try and get them. Secure your valuables in the trunk or take them with you. Do this prior to your destination in case the thief is watching in the lot. Visible loose change and gift cards are also some of the most common items taken.


When parking at home, if possible, park in the garage or close to the house. The outside area should be well lit or have a motion light upon approach to the cars. Lock all doors and windows and remove valuables. It’s a good idea when parking at home to remove all keys and garage door openers from the car to prevent access to your home.

When parking in public, if possible, park in well-lit highly visible areas. When retail shopping, lock packages and purchased items in the trunk. If you are going to continue shopping, you could move your car to a different location in case a thief has been watching the area.

When making a quick trip for an errand, all valuables should be secured in the trunk or removed from the car. If you’re only going to be somewhere for a short period and those items aren’t necessary, leave them at home.

Report suspicious activity

If you see someone looking into vehicles or lifting up on door handles, call your local police department.

What to do if you notice a car break in has occurred

Contact your local police department and do not touch the car or the contents.

Crime is everywhere. Don’t make the mistake of thinking because you live in a low crime neighborhood, that you can leave items in your car or leave doors unlocked. Stay vigilant and call the local police department if needed. 

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