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Ryan Barry for Selectman


It is my pleasure to announce that I have pulled nomination papers for the April town election for the position of selectmen in Blackstone for the vacated seat. I have gathered all the necessary signatures and will be turning them in on Monday.

Since moving to Blackstone in July I have been wanting to be more involved in our town and as most of you know I have been very vocal about the way things in town have been going. I assure you I still have that drive and passion to help be a part of making Blackstone a better community.

Some people have asked me if I am even qualified for this position and my answer to you is yes. I am a regular blue-collar hard-working family man just like many citizens of this community. On paper it may not appear that I am your typical candidate, and I would tend to agree with that except that I believe my experience has provided me with the tools necessary to represent the residents our of community and given me the stamina to face issues, engage change, and see the issues through to positive resolution.

I began my career in Nascar. I started at the bottom and worked my way up until I had reached the pinnacle of Nascar racing. I worked for some of the biggest names and organizations in the sport as a tire changer, mechanic, and fabricator for over 10 years. I am grateful for this opportunity because it showed me the importance of community. Win or lose at the end of every race we were all a family coming together to maintain the integrity of the sport. Being a part of the Nascar community among hundreds of workers who spend over 37 weeks a year on the road has given me the understanding that in life as in racing we all support different teams, but ultimately have the same goal of achieving the best we can. I hope to be able to hear all perspectives, ideas, and concerns of the residents of our community and bring us together with the best possible outcome.

My passion for community lead me to my current position as Head Coach and Director of Football for a youth football league. Being a part of this organization for the last 3 years has allowed me to develop and implement plans, policies, and procedures that have improved our organization as a whole and is positively impacting our children.

I am currently employed by one of the largest construction companies in Boston managing their multimillion-dollar fleet. My day to day is scheduling work for my mechanics, fielding phone calls emails and other correspondence from our field employees about what problems they are having, along with giving them guidance on what is going to need to happen in order to keep their job site running. Solving problems on the fly or solving problems before they exist is one of my daily routines. All while staying in my yearly budget.

I say this to you all in full confidence that I am the right candidate for this position, and I will continue to stay true to my word. I will work tirelessly for the residents of Blackstone because I believe that is what they deserve.

Ryan Barry

Posted by Ryan Barry on Facebook groups: Blackstone Community Forum and Blackstone’s Much Better Community Forum

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