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Selectwoman Taylor Greene resigns from Blackstone BOS

Posted initially on the Blackstone Community Forum facebook group by admin Kate Donovan, community members were initially surprised wondering where the official announcement of the resignation was.

Is the post true? Was the resignation posted anywhere? Has an announcement been made on who resigned? The Blackstone community wanted answers.

Finally, during the Board of Selectman meeting tonight, Selectman Dan Keefe read the official resignation letter of Selectwoman Taylor Greene.  See transcript below.

The resignation letter

January 20, 2021

It is with great disappointment that I announce my resignation from the Board of Selectmen effective immediately. A recent change to my husband’s work schedule has caused us to be without childcare during the evening hours, an issue only further exacerbated by COVID-19. 

It was, and always will be, a great honor to serve the town of Blackstone and I thank the townspeople for entrusting me to do so but the needs of my family come first. Additionally, I would like to thank all of the town employees and fellow board members, both past and present, for their support. It was truly a pleasure serving the Town of Blackstone. I offer my best wishes for continued success of the town.  


Taylor Greene

As mentioned by BOS Chair Bob Dubois, the resignation was filed on January 20th with the Town Clerk and put in the Board of Selectmen folder on the same day thus making it effective immediately. 

Greene was lauded by the community as someone who fought for transparency and questioned everything. She will definitely be missed by the town. With the resignation of Greene, there’s a new vacancy on the Board of Selectmen for the unexpired 3-year term set to expire on 2022. Greene’s slot is up for grabs for a whole year.

If you’re interested to run for the Board of Selectmen and be the change the Blackstone community needs, get an application from the Town Clerk. Last day to file your nomination papers is on February 12, Friday.

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