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Over 70 locations lit up for Bling Up Blackstone

Blackstone families and businesses are decking the halls to bring light in a dark time. As COVID-19 cases rise in town, all is certainly not calm. But things are a little bit brighter in Blackstone, thanks to families and businesses participating in Bling Up Blackstone.

On December 4, the Blackstone Parks and Recreation announced on Facebook the list of homes and businesses that registered to join Bling Up Blackstone and we put them together on an interactive map.

There are 6 categories in Bling Up Blackstone this year:

Best of Blackstone Businesses4
Clark Griswold – Go Big or Get in the House4
Reason for the Season13
Santa’s Favorite – Best Overall Theme and Use of Lights25
Spirit of New England – Martha Stewart would be Proud16
The “Undecorated” Decorated17

Based on the list that Blackstone Parks and Recreation released online, we put together an interactive map you can use to find these 79 lit up houses and businesses! There are 6 different pins on the map based on the categories.

Click on the pins to see the address of the location. The “Get directions” link will open Apple or Google Maps on your phone.

Interactive Map of Bling Up Blackstone entries

You can filter by category and zoom closer on the map!

Filter by

There are definitely more locations lit up in town. The ones on the map are only the homes and businesses that registered with Blackstone Parks and Recreation.

Voting for your favorites

You can vote for your favorites at the Blackstone Parks and Recreation website. As a note from the organizers, remember that the contest is just for fun and to give people something good to finish off this crazy year.

A warning from the organizers: Votes are starting to come in, which is exciting; however some votes look a bit suspect. If it looks like votes are being “staked” they will be discarded. If this is done for your candidate, you might do more harm for your choice than good. Please vote responsibly.

A drive through Blackstone definitely strengthens the Blackstone Parks and Recreation‘s simple, strong, and positive message of hope for a better, brighter holiday season. I think we’re all thankful that Bling Up Blackstone has definitely brought about the Christmas spirit in town… lighting up Christmas lights, blowing up holiday inflatables and building spirit-lifting snowmen help bring some much-needed cheer during the coronavirus crisis.

If you want to add your home or businesses to the map, contact the Blackstone Parks and Recreation Committee on Facebook.

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  1. The group is hosting “Bling Up Blackstone,” the town’s first holiday home decorating contest. Residents and business owners had until Dec. 5 to submit their addresses, for what organizers hope will be a new annual tradition.

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