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The Giving Tree is up!

After accepting applications for the Giving Tree, Blackstone’s annual Giving Tree is finally up. You can find tags at the following locations:

St. Paul’s Church

Dean Bank

Donation box

There’s also a Donation box at Unibank!

Amazon Wish List

You can also purchase items from the official Amazon Wish list!

The Blackstone Senior Center is waiting for approval to have a Giving Tree at the front entrance of the Town Hall. Given that town buildings are closed because of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, we are waiting to see if this will be approved. We will update as needed.

The Thrift-It Giving Tree

Thrift-It, a local business has also put up a Giving Tree this season as a way to give back to the community.

Donations can be brought in any day during business hours.

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  1. Hi, purchased a gift on Amazon after following the link. Got an email from Amazon saying it was undeliverable and they will attempt again. I am not sure where it is going because the address just says Town of Blackstone. Any idea as to why the item cannot be delivered? Are all giving tree gifts being sent to the same place?

  2. Hi Jaime

    Packages are delivered to the Senior Center. It may be that Amazon delivered after the Senior Center closed and today they closed at 1PM. Amazon will likely go back on Monday (the next business day) and deliver it. This happens sometimes if the building is closed for the day. Hope that helps! You can also reach out to the Senior Center if you want to make sure the packages are delivered. Thank you for supporting the project! 🙂

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