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Green Choice Dispensaries answers questions from the community

Last Thursday, November 12, Green Choice Dispensaries held a community outreach meeting via Zoom call. Up to 30 community members joined the call.

The community has the right to hear from the applicant and a right to ask questions which is why the Community Outreach Meeting was organized by Green Choice Dispensaries.

The meeting started at 6:01 PM with quick introductions by the Host, the Owners (Green Choice Dispensaries), the Legal Team (Progressive Law LLC), the Realty Group (Laer Realty Partners), and the Insurance Group (Budrisk). Questions were asked at the end.

Information below were taken from the presentation done during the Zoom Call meeting.

Types of Marijuana Licenses sought (one or more):

  1. Cultivation (Tier 1, up to 5,000 feet)
  2. Product Manufacturing
  3. Retail

Location: 114 Main St., Blackstone, MA 01504

Next door to Richdale

Proposed Building Layout

There will be two sections:

B – Retail (approx. 2,738 sq ft)

C – Cultivation (5,000 sq ft of cultivation plus entrance and storage of an approx 539 sq ft)

Does the proposed site comply with 500 foot buffer from schools?

The proposed site complies with the 500 foot buffer zone from K through 12 private and public schools.

Will the building comply with Security Requirements in CCC Regulations?

The building(s) at 114 Main St. meet Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) security and safety regulations.

Access by Minors and Diversion Prevention

Green Choice is dedicated to ensuring that its products do not end up in the hands of minors or criminals.

Green Choice will execute a Security Plan that has been consulted on by the Police Chief of Blackstone and/or his representatives.

Green Choice will maintain a parking plan that attempts to divert traffic away from places such as the library.

How will Green Choice Dispensaries Positively Impact Community?

The applicant (Green Choice Dispensaries) must submit with its state application a plan to positively impact the community. The plan must include goals, actions to achieve goals, and metrics or measurements to gauge success. Some of the plans below:

Green Choice Dispensaries will aim to hire Blackstone veterans and women through Job Fairs and Informational Forums. Green Choice will work with veteran organizations, to seek out Blackstone Veterans for training and hiring. The goal is to have 50% veteran staff, 50% female staff; 80% Blackstone staff and help a veteran organization to establish a retail store.

Immediate benefits: Job Creation

Jobs are subject to change with local and state requirements but at least 16 employees will be part of the dispensary.

Long-term benefits: Tax Revenue

Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana revenue reached $147.2M reported from December 2019 through March 24, 2020. $209M in sales revenue reported from January 2020 through June 2020. Even with COVID restrictions in place there was $61.8M in sales.

Cleaning Up the Neighborhood

Repairs to the surrounding real estate will bring property value up and make the town more attractive to new citizens.

How will Green Choice Dispensaries ensure site will not be a Nuisance to the Community?

The site will not constitute a nuisance due to such things as noise, odor, dust, glare, fumes, etc.

  1. Odor mitigation plan
  2. Parking plan – this will help with noise
  3. Security plan – will help prevent loitering

Understandably, the Blackstone community has some questions. Some of the questions were emailed ahead but anybody in the community outreach meeting can pose a questions to the team as well.

The community sent in questions ahead

What kind of study has been done for home values?

In 2018 a study done in Colorado found a 6% increase in housing values indicating the capitalized benefits outweigh the costs. What the study found was that retail marijuana licenses increased the demand for more housing in that region. However, there’s no correlation between discernible effect on housing supply from those businesses. In short: in legal states, housing values increased by 6%.

What kind of outside lighting will you be using?

A retail/cultivation facility will have proper lighting similar with other commercial establishments like a convenience store. As required by the CCC, all outdoor areas of the premises will be lit. Not only will there be lighting, there will be security cameras covering inside and outside the facility.

What will be done for air purification?

A cultivation facility is required to have a hermetically sealed facility: it needs to be airtight. All air through the cultivation facility will be captured, processed, and treated, before being ejected out of the building. In many facilities across the state, you can be 10 feet away from a cultivation facility and not know it.

All products will be pre-packaged in the cultivation site before being moved to the retail site. Products will be in air-tight packaging.

How close are you to churches, libraries, and playgrounds?

The CCC requires a retail cannabis business to be at least 500 feet away from schools or areas where children congregate. The retail location on Main St. is at least 500 feet away.

What sized trucks will be servicing the facility?

A simple sprinter van is the largest sized truck for this facility. Both money and product will be transported by sprinter vans. A third-party transportation company will be used to transport both money and product, as required by the CCC.

What will hours of operation be?

This may be subject to change but typically the facility will be open from 9AM to 9-10PM.

When will you be performing a more current traffic study?

An updated traffic study was done on October 7, this should shed a lot more light on the traffic. The final results have been submitted to the town but there was no red flags raised to cause any problems.

Watch the Zoom Call

Introductions, initial presentation and emailed questions

Questions from the Community

To watch the 4 videos as a playlist on YouTube, click here.

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