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Town Updates

Blackstone Special Town Meeting on November 14

Mark your calendars for the Special Town Meeting happening on November 14, details below.

When: November 14, 2020, Saturday

Time: 10:00AM

Where: Blackstone-Millville Regional Molony-Sullivan School Auditorium

Why is there a Special Town Meeting?

The following agenda items will be voted on by Blackstone Town residents:

1. Approval (or rejection) of the Blackstone-Millville Regional School District Amended Regional Agreement as presented by the School Committee dated April 28, 2020.

Below is a message from the Regional Agreement Amendment Committee on the draft changes to the regional agreement:

Link to the BMRSD Regional Agreement

2. Transferring from free cash the sum of $100,000 to fund implementation of the regulatory requirements of the Stormwater Permitting Program (MS4) which must be completed on a yearly basis.

3. Proposal to accept General Laws Chapter 44, Section 53F 3/4, which establishes special revenue fund known as the PEG Access and Cable Related Fund, to reserve cable franchise fees and other cable related revenues in the amount of $120,000 for appropriation to support PEG access services and oversight and renewal of the cable franchise agreement, the fund to begin operation for FY2021, which begins on July 1, 2020.

Helpful links below:

Section 53F3/4: PEG Access and Cable Related Fund

Blackstone’s Cable TV License

4. Proposal to accept the following amendment to Article V, Section C5-1 of the Blackstone Home Rule Charter for consideration by the voters of the Town: Add the following sentence to the existing language of said Article V, Section C5-1: “The Town Administrator shall furnish a bond satisfactory to the Board of Selectmen to secure the faithful performance of his duties“.

Town of Blackstone, MA / Division 1: Charter / Charter Article V: Town Administrator

5. Proposal to authorize the Finance Committee to oversee a study to determine the feasibility, legal requirements and costs/expenses of withdrawing from the school/education regionalization with Millville and to further authorize and allow the allocation of $75,000 for the purpose of conducting said study.

6. Acceptance (or rejection) of the layout of Rolling Brook Lane off of Elm Street as a public way. To authorize the Board of Selectman to acquire by gift, purchase, or eminent domain taking any land necessary for the purpose of such was as so laid out, and, as necessary, to authorize the Board of Selectmen to assess betterments to the owners of the land abutting the way, provided, however, that the construction of said road is subject to compliance with the following conditions: all stormwater management to be handled entirely by Homeowner’s Association, demarcation of the Open Space areas; trail heads being market Lot 6 and 7 and lots 5 and 5, Town will cover snow removal plowing, street sanding, and trash recycling, general town services, police, fire and town vehicle access, future unforseen town services, and no taking or cleaning of the street sweeping/catch/retention basins.

Warrant for Town of Blackstone’s Special Town Meeting

We’ll try to get as much information about the agenda items. Comment below if you’re for or against any of them!

For questions about the Special Town Meeting, get in touch with the Town Clerk at (508) 883-1500 ext 116

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