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Did you know

Blackstone, Did you know? #2

No, we haven’t forgotten this series. Last year we posted we wanted to do more of these but unfortunately we lost track of it. So here it is, we are back with a new tidbit you may or may not know.

Did you know that Blackstone has an Online Exchange Safe Zone?

The Blackstone Police Department offers a program aimed at facilitating a safe and secure meeting place for residents to meet strangers and complete online transactions on websites like Craigslist. While Blackstone Police cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of items purchased online, the Department is a safe “Internet Purchase Exchange Location” to ensure that residents have a safe, secure and public meeting place to conduct purchases and sales of items. Residents can meet in the parking lot or the lobby.

The Blackstone Police Station is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and covered by security cameras.

For more information, contact the Blackstone Police Department at 508-883-1212.

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