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Brown water from your faucets?

UPDATE: This has been fixed as of 11AM as posted by the Blackstone Police Facebook page. If you’re still seeing some brown water, try running the water for a couple of minutes and flush the toilet a couple of times.

If you’re seeing brown water come out of your faucets today this could be because of a disturbance in the water main. As of this morning we received news that there IS a water main break in Blackstone.

See below for the notice shared by the Blackstone Police Department on their Facebook page:

There is a water main break on Dawes Street.

Residents of Dawes Street and Wilbur Street will experience water interruption.

All residents may experience brown water throughout the day.

It is recommended that residents check the water before use, especially prior to doing laundry. If rust stains appear on washed clothing or fixtures, an iron removing detergent can be obtained free of charge from the Corrosion Control Facility on Elm Street. DO NOT TRY TO BLEACH STAINED CLOTHES, AS THIS WILL SET THE STAIN PERMANENTLY.

Customers can call the Water Department at 508-883-9331 for further assistance.

Water main break at Dawes St., Blackstone, MA

Due to water main break, Blackstone residents may see brownish water coming from their taps. This is common when there is a sudden change in the flow of water in the pipeline. Discolored water comes from internal pipe rust and sediment getting stirred up.

The water may be unappealing, so we recommend that you wait until it clears before drinking or using it. The water should clear on its own. Try running the cold water for a few minutes to see if it is clearing or still discolored. If the water does not clear, let the water sit for an hour. Then run the water for a few minutes and flush the toilet a couple of times.

Avoid running hot water if the cold water is still discolored. This will minimize filling the hot water tank with turbid water. If you are washing clothes at the time, it is better to stop the cycle while it is full and wait until clean water is available to finish. If you allow the water to empty from the washing machine and go into the spin cycle it is more likely to cause permanent staining to the laundry items.

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