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Town Updates

Another EEE-related death in MA, remain alert Blackstone!

This has been a year with significantly elevated EEE activity – both in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Until the first hard frost hits us, mosquitoes will continue to remain a threat to Blackstone so make sure to protect yourself and your family until then.

We urge Blackstone residents to continue personal mosquito-prevention measures and limit their time outdoors at sunrise and sunset.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), which spreads through infected mosquitoes, carries symptoms that include fever, coma, and brain swelling. A third of those that contract the virus dies. There is no vaccine for the virus so it is critical to be aware of how you can limit the risks. Check out the infographic from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health below:

Rhode Island has confirmed three human cases of EEE including 1 death. Massachusetts has confirmed 10 human cases of EEE, a 3rd person has been confirmed to have died from EEE just this week.

The Commonwealth is currently experiencing its first EEE outbreak since 2011. As of September 20, Friday, 35 communities across Massachusetts were at critical risk for EEE – including Blackstone. Aerial spraying in Blackstone occurred on Sunday night, September 15 as confirmed by the Massachusetts Aerial Mosquito Spray Map. However, we urge Blackstone residents to err in the side of caution and remain vigilant until the first hard frost comes. Winter is coming.

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