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The Blackstone Filmmaking Club for the Youth – sessions start on September 19

In case you didn’t know, we have our very own Filmmaking Club here in Blackstone, MA. The Blackstone Public Library created and hosted the Young Adult (YA) Filmmaking club last year and has had two full sessions. Open to young adults between 5th to 12th grade, the fall session this year starts on September 19.

For those who aren’t in the know, the YA Filmmaking Club already ran two separate sessions throughout the school year starting last year during the fall and again early this year in the spring. Despite the club being new, the last two sessions have had 8-10 kids sign up and attend regularly.

From story to screen

Whether they’re excited to produce video for the internet or the big screen, the Blackstone YA Filmmaking Club introduces young adults to the basics of filmmaking. In the first few sessions, the club members will brainstorm and learn how to develop story ideas. Like in any group, they learn about teamwork as each member volunteers or is assigned to roles – acting, scriptwriting, videography, or editing. Once roles are decided, the club moves into video production.

Here’s a sample of a video created by the club members last year:

Library of Things! There’s a LOT to love.

What about equipment?

The YA Filmmaking Club members are not required to buy any equipment. The Blackstone Public Library provides everything needed from cameras to video editing tools and even props. Quite a sweet deal for the Blackstone youth who are interested to try their hand at filmmaking, don’t you think?

Interested yet?

The Blackstone Public Library’s YA Filmmaking Club is open to all young adults between 5th to 12th grade. If you’re interested – or your child is – just give the library a call at 508-883-1931 or email the Young Adult Librarian Karen at kdelvecchio@cwmars.org. Anyone can drop in at any time but it is encouraged that participants join as soon as possible so they can be part of the entire filmmaking process.

Club meetings are on Thursdays, 6:30PM to 7:30PM. Full poster below.

What are you waiting for? Call the Blackstone Public Library now and drop by on September 19!

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