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Welcome to the small town of Blackstone, MA

I started this blog to talk about living in Blackstone, MA. Some would say that not much is known about Blackstone until local news outlets began talking about Erika Murray’s “house of horrors” and a local teen killing a cat with an arrow. Having recently moved to Blackstone, it made me sad and horrified. There’s certainly a lot more to Blackstone than that and people don’t know much about it. Blackstone is a nice small town, close enough to big cities but far enough to have a quiet and friendly neighborhood. We moved to Blackstone recently and often I am asked – Where is Blackstone? or What’s in Blackstone?

What’s in Blackstone anyway? You and I will find out together.

Quick Stats

Blackstone is a town in Worcester County, Massachusetts. 

Population was 9,026 at the 2010 census although recent numbers have popped up – 9,304 (2017). 

Total area: 10.97 sq miles of land

Borders: Mendon on the north, Bellingham on the east, North Smithfield and Woonsocket, RI on the south, and Millville on the west.



The Nipmuc are the native people to this area long before immigrants came. Blackstone was eventually settled by European immigrants in 1662 and was incorporated in 1845. before becoming a separate municipality, the town was part of Mendon, Massachusetts. The growth of several manufacturing districts led to the incorporation of the town of Blackstone in 1845.

The town became an important transportation center with the 1828 opening of the Blackstone Canal, the waterway was once transported raw materials at the turn of the century. Later on, Blackstone served as an important railroad hub connecting Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Blackstone is one of six communities in the Blackstone Valley in Massachusetts that has adopted local scenic roads bylaws to protect its historic landscapes. It has 59 properties included in the Blackstone Canal Historic District, as well as three more historic districts.

A preservation partnership protects the historic Daniels Farm, a National Register property that includes 19th-century farm buildings and a rare 1871 cider mill. This holistic effort protects the historic landscape, the farm’s structures, and 250 years of the Daniels family papers. The site will be opened as an historic working farm open to the public.


Life in Blackstone, MA

Much of Blackstone remains relatively undeveloped and a measured approach to combining residential and commercial growth has helped preserve a quiet, rustic landscape, with stone walls and picturesque views.

The Blackstone river, which winds through the rural town is now occupied by kayakers and visited by families seeking fun and relaxation.

The 100-acre state park is a wonderful place for a picnic at the dramatic falls of Blackstone Gorge.

Come fall season, many of Blackstone’s farms and orchards come to life; and the river provides a perfect backdrop for magnificent foliage views.

The town of Blackstone is perfect for raising families as well as a nice and quiet town for settling down.

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